Day Ten 2016, 5:45


Day Ten

Well that was fun! At the end of the master cleanse it’s important to plan a gentle transition back to eating again to ensure that your digestive system isn’t shocked with heavy food.

Last yesterday evening I prepared a vegetable soup for today, to begin my transition off the cleanse and back to eating again safely – but couldn’t resist a bowl! So my transition back has already started 🙂

Today I will finish the soup and eat some soft fruit also. I’m craving some tomatoes. Tomorrow I’m really looking forward to a home lunch I have planned with a few friends to celebrate the end of the cleanse.

In terms of numbers I’ve gone from 75.8kg to 71.3kg today, and 21.6% body fat to 19.5%. I’ve been sleeping really well and generally experienced a more consistent temperament and concentration.

Coming out of the cleanse, I’ll be continuing as a vegetarian, as I did last year, won’t be resuming drinking coffee, and will be drinking (moderately is the aim).

Thanks everyone for your support throughout!


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