Day One 2017, 6:58

Day One, Saturday 20 May 2017

Weight 76.1 kg

Body fat 21.4 %

Sub-cutaneous fat 14.5 %

Skeletal muscle 34.3 %

I’m feeling great, and ready to go!

The timing is right for this year’s master cleanse. I’ve had to reschedule it twice due to scheduling issues with work commitments (lunches with clients and colleagues), but for this block of ten days I’ve diligently cleared my eating appointments.

I’m feeling excited to have this time to meditate again and gather some peace.

I’ve just begun my first SWF (salt water flush) of this year’s cleanse (and my first SWF since about 6 months prior).

On 2016, on 24 July my numbers were as below…

Weight 75.8kg

Body fat 21.0%

Subcutaneous fat 14.2%

Skeletal muscle 34.5%

…and had been bouncing between 73~76kgs in the weeks leading up to my 2016 master cleanse.

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