Day Two 2017, 7.34

Day one passed without incident, virtually no discomfort or cravings.  I keep myself close to a fresh supply of master cleanse lemonade and cayenne pepper. In previous years I’ve found the first 3-4 days the toughest at times only because I’ve not been careful to avoid being around food. This year I’m being extra careful these first few days to avoid being any where near people eating, especially walking near foods I usually like.

Last night, slept exceptionally well and woke up feeling great. Love this mid-cleanse sleeping, it is so refreshing.

Yesterday afternoon, only half a day into the cleanse I started to notice a heightened of my own skin, especially when the sun made me sweat, or there was a breeze. Already also my sense of smell is shouting for my attention again.

I drove us to an onsen yesterday (miyamaedaira Yukemuronosato) and for the first time in my life actually had a nice long nap in one of the neruba (sleeping baths) outside in the shade.

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