Day Three 2017, 5:42

Feeling rather sleepy this morning because this is earlier than my usual weekday wake up timing. My alarm was set for 5.30am to make sure my SWF was complete before I leave home for work at 7.30am. I have a little light muscle ache today as yesterday I had some light exercise.

Yesterday woke up feeling great, and for the most part that continued all day thankfully. In the morning I went for a slow cycle around the neighborhood for around 45 minutes.

Around midday I went to a roof top swimming pool forĀ a quick dip, and spent most of the time lounging in the sunshine by the pool.

I experienced some cravings (prompted by photos of food) around 3pm, went home made some fresh lemonade and took a nap for around an hour.

In the evening I went into Shibuya and watched Beauty & the Beast at the cinema, came home and went to bed around 10.30pm.

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