Day Four 2017, 5:47

Yesterday was the toughest day of this year’s cleanse so far. That’s only a comparative statement. I didn’t experience any major wobbles of motivation, but I had a few moments where my mind wandered towards ideas of finishing the cleanse days early and what food I would be eating when I do. 🙂 On each occasion I was able to straighten out the issue by having some more fresh lemon, maple syrup and water mix which evened out my mood and toughened my resolve.

I also pushed myself to go for a walk at lunch which didn’t help me much because that involved walking in the strong sunshine with my heavy work shoes on, burning too much of the energy I had in scarce supply.

Today I’ve got a better plan. I’m driving to work, and will drive out to the pool at lunch time to lay in the sun and take a few refreshing dips to stay cool.

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