About Me

  • British male
  • Living in Tokyo
  • Age: 35 years (1980)
  • Height: 192cm (6ft, 2)
  • Weight: 79 kg on July 16 2015; for my current weight follow this link

Since completing a ten day master cleanse on 25 July 2015, I have embarked on a new approach to my diet, and lifestyle.

My aim is to experience a wholistic change for the better – including more peace of mind, professional success, stress reduction, better sex, improved concentration and sleep, quality friendships, and improved self-esteem – through changes to my diet, relationships, and a more active lifestyle.

I am committed to a positive approach – to consume the foods and drinks which I feel, based on my research, will contribute towards my goals.

My diet is 95~100% vegetables, fruit, pulses (beans, lentils), grains and eggs. Wherever possible I am eating organic. You can view all of my diet related posts are here .

I walk or cycle to work; have started to visit the gym again recently for cardio, resistance training, and yoga / stretching; I swim occasionally and intend to start indoor climbing again soon. Please check out my exercise related posts are here.

Some Quantifiables…
Approximate goal weight 70kg
Approximate goal subcutaneous fat less than 10%
Approximate goal skeletal muscle more than 37%
Here are my weight related posts.

My Pre-Cleanse posts.
My Mid-Cleanse posts.
Master Cleanse #1
—Begun, Thurs 16 July 2015 (78~79kg)—
—Complete, Sat 25 July 2015 (73.8kg)—
My Post-Cleanse posts.

Why I began my own health reboot; my ailments

By completing a ten day master cleanse (16/July~ 2015… read my pre-cleanse posts; mid-cleanse posts), my aims were to reduce, reset or cure myself of the following ailments:

  • Hay fever and general seasonal allergies
  • Addiction to caffeine
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Shortness of bladder (I regularly need to pee in the night if sleeping longer than 6 hours)

I also wanted to see these additional results:

  • Improved energy levels
  • A renewed commitment to treat myself well by eating very healthily
  • Better clarity of thought
  • Calmness or reduced anxiety
  • Better quality of sleep

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