Before and After Tel Aviv

I spent 9 days in Tel Aviv mostly dancing, walking in the sun, a little swimming, sleeping and eating very very well…..

….and I have….

  • gained weight
    • gained muscle
    • lost body fat including sub-cutaneous fat

All around, I’m happy with these numbers.

I’d love to continue my Israel diet, and eat lots of fresh veg, fruit, and cheese salads.

weight body
Wednesday 6/8/2016 76.2 17.0% 11.7% 36.4%
Wednesday 5/25/2016 74.8 20.7% 14.0% 34.7%

14 May 2016, 7:01

***Weight 72.8kg; 20.9% body fat; 14.0% subcutaneous fat; 34.7% skeletal muscle***

For a week now, I’ve been a lot more disciplined about the following rules, and seem to have turned a corner.

  • No beer.
  • No sugars.
  • No bread, no pasta.



I’m all packed for a short trip back to the UK later this morning.

I woke up around 4.20am and decided to SWF since I have 2 hours before I leave home for my flights.

I have not done a SWF in a while (and I’ve been thinking occasionally about doing one since I ate two Japanese meat patties for lunch at a ski weekend 2-3 weeks ago).

Last night I drank half  a bottle of wine (probably more like 60%) and a glass of whisky with ice…




  • I avoided beer
  • I avoided starbucks cocoa (stuck with my bottle of lime juice water)
  • I snacked in the pm on an apple and whole walnuts


  • I drank wine when I ate dinner with two friends.
  • Of the three of us I drank the most (one of friends did not drink at all)


I’m doing a terrible job of being disciplined unfortunately.

Lask weekend I drank constantly, wine and beer…

I think beer in particular is something I need to cut out again.

….and sugar also I’ve not been able to cut out again yet. I am still drawn to grande / venti sized soy cocoa at Starbucks and their chocolate chunk cookies.

Starting today with a big bottle of freshly squeezed lime and ginger water in my backpack – aiming to stave off the morning cocoa habit I’ve formed in recent months.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve put 4kg back on since November. I mostly blame alcohol, and my recent lack of exercise.


Getting back on track!

After completing the Tokyo Marathon, I have rather lost my mofo, gaining a kg, and ceasing my regular exercise routine.

Moving forward I need to decide on some new goals!

Well, how about I recommit to my old goals?



Weight: 71:3kg -> 70kg or less

Subcutaneous fat: 13.7% -> 10% or less

Muscle: 34.8% -> 37% or more



Diet: no refined sugar products (definitely); no refined flour products (if I can do this, I will)

Alcohol: none Sunday – Thursday / Friday

Exercise: —? Unclear at this point.


***Weight 70.5kg; 19.2% body fat; 12.9% subcutaneous fat; 35.3% skeletal muscle***

Yuck horrible holiday numbers. Totally unsurprising given I’ve been eating cakes, scones, cream, bread and chocolates most days of my Christmas holiday so far.

My only saving grace is my running and vegetarianism.