***Weight 73.4kg; 20.4% body fat; 13.7% subcutaneous fat; 34.8% skeletal muscle***

After my short holiday in the UK. Weight up 1kg vs 2 weeks ago.

I account this down to drinking most days back home, and too much bread and dairy products.


I’m all packed for a short trip back to the UK later this morning.

I woke up around 4.20am and decided to SWF since I have 2 hours before I leave home for my flights.

I have not done a SWF in a while (and I’ve been thinking occasionally about doing one since I ate two Japanese meat patties for lunch at a ski weekend 2-3 weeks ago).

Last night I drank half  a bottle of wine (probably more like 60%) and a glass of whisky with ice…




  • I avoided beer
  • I avoided starbucks cocoa (stuck with my bottle of lime juice water)
  • I snacked in the pm on an apple and whole walnuts


  • I drank wine when I ate dinner with two friends.
  • Of the three of us I drank the most (one of friends did not drink at all)


I’m doing a terrible job of being disciplined unfortunately.

Lask weekend I drank constantly, wine and beer…

I think beer in particular is something I need to cut out again.

….and sugar also I’ve not been able to cut out again yet. I am still drawn to grande / venti sized soy cocoa at Starbucks and their chocolate chunk cookies.

Starting today with a big bottle of freshly squeezed lime and ginger water in my backpack – aiming to stave off the morning cocoa habit I’ve formed in recent months.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve put 4kg back on since November. I mostly blame alcohol, and my recent lack of exercise.


Getting back on track!

After completing the Tokyo Marathon, I have rather lost my mofo, gaining a kg, and ceasing my regular exercise routine.

Moving forward I need to decide on some new goals!

Well, how about I recommit to my old goals?



Weight: 71:3kg -> 70kg or less

Subcutaneous fat: 13.7% -> 10% or less

Muscle: 34.8% -> 37% or more



Diet: no refined sugar products (definitely); no refined flour products (if I can do this, I will)

Alcohol: none Sunday – Thursday / Friday

Exercise: —? Unclear at this point.


***Weight 69.3kg; 17.5% body fat; 11.8% subcutaneous fat; 36.1% skeletal muscle***

Drank 3 beers yesterday and a bunch more cakes (2 days of external training at a hotel…).


I am disappointed in myself.

I keep finding excuses to drink!

Mostly I keep saying to myself “well you’re under your target weight so what’s the harm?” and “aren’t you celebrating [blank] tonight?”.

I didn’t sleep anywhere near as well as I would usually. I’ve been having light sleep dreams for the last few hours, and I’m waking up with a funny feeling in my stomach – I’m sure I’ll be a bit unwell this am.

Cheat Days

I am all for cheat days by the way. Happy to have a full on cheat day even – complete with yakiniku and a gallon of good wine… but not half measures – several days of work related heavy drinking is what’s bugging me today.