Before and After Tel Aviv

I spent 9 days in Tel Aviv mostly dancing, walking in the sun, a little swimming, sleeping and eating very very well…..

….and I have….

  • gained weight
    • gained muscle
    • lost body fat including sub-cutaneous fat

All around, I’m happy with these numbers.

I’d love to continue my Israel diet, and eat lots of fresh veg, fruit, and cheese salads.

weight body
Wednesday 6/8/2016 76.2 17.0% 11.7% 36.4%
Wednesday 5/25/2016 74.8 20.7% 14.0% 34.7%


Getting back on track!

After completing the Tokyo Marathon, I have rather lost my mofo, gaining a kg, and ceasing my regular exercise routine.

Moving forward I need to decide on some new goals!

Well, how about I recommit to my old goals?



Weight: 71:3kg -> 70kg or less

Subcutaneous fat: 13.7% -> 10% or less

Muscle: 34.8% -> 37% or more



Diet: no refined sugar products (definitely); no refined flour products (if I can do this, I will)

Alcohol: none Sunday – Thursday / Friday

Exercise: —? Unclear at this point.


I slept better after having been to the gym last night. I missed it more than I thought I would. I didn’t hit it hard by any means. But, it was good all the same to do a simple cycle through some arms, back, chest and legs on the machines.

I guess I wanted for my body in 2 days time to feel an all-round sense of that reassuring pleasurable muscle ache.