Day Seven, 21:42

A quick summary of today before something more interesting!

Today rocked, I didn’t feel any discernible difference from a normal eating day – except I felt better than usual. It’s almost scary how one can go without solid food – I hope I can easily go back to normality without any ill-effects. Preparing my herbal tea now.

On my way home I bought a few too many limes. >>>


—Other News—
My good friend back home in the UK, Laura, is going to start the Master Cleanse also! She’s going to do the Master Cleanse for 10 days followed by moving onto the Alkaline Diet (which I’m less familiar with currently).

She’s been checking out the inspiring videos posted by the Jonathan Kearsey on YouTube.

Here’s Jonathan’s Day 1 video with screenshots:

tumblr_inline_nrw2qfecSd1qizosh_540 tumblr_inline_nrw2qkBv4H1qizosh_540 tumblr_inline_nrw2qx1Ts81qizosh_540

…and here’s his inspiring Day 15 video and screenshots:

tumblr_inline_nrw2sf9FJv1qizosh_540 tumblr_inline_nrw2sdBcm31qizosh_540