Day Seven 2017, 5:47

Yesterday was fine, but I found myself quite unexpected tired around 1.30pm and had a 20 minute nap. I hadn’t slept perfectly the prior night so this may have been connected.

Tonight some friends and I are driving up to Bandai 4.5 hours north of Tokyo in the mountains for the weekend.

I’ll be relying on my friend to do most of the driving as we will be leaving Tokyo after 7pm and this cleanse I’ve been consistently sleepy in the evenings much earlier than usual.

Day Six 2017, 5:48

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a good one. Lots of love from friends, family, colleagues and my boyfriend. I received my favourite flowers and a few other gifts at work, and visited an onsen (Japanese hot spring) in the evening with my boyfriend.

Cleanse day five was pretty smooth. I drove to work and back and did a little walking throughout the day. I maintained good energy levels throughout, and had 2-3 little moments of glassy eyed longing as I contemplated what delicious things I’ll be enjoying at the end of these ten days.

Over all another good day. No mood swings. I remember the first year I did the cleanse I experienced some mood swings around day 7 or 8. Hoping to avoid those by being disciplined (making sure I always have a freshly squeezed supply of the good stuff on hand, and continuing to avoid seeing food).

So far so good.

Day Five 2017, 5:44

Yesterday was by far the easiest day of the cleanse so far. That should mean that I’m now over the familiar hump of the first three days of the cleanse (in my experience these are the days you want to be taking it a little easier on yourself, and avoid being close to food etc).

I experienced no hunger pangs, had consistent manageable energy levels all day, and could concentrate well throughout also.

I drove to and from work today to conserve my energy for work, and spent an hour by the pool sun bathing at lunch time (caught a little too much sun). All in all, a great day!

Day Four 2017, 5:47

Yesterday was the toughest day of this year’s cleanse so far. That’s only a comparative statement. I didn’t experience any major wobbles of motivation, but I had a few moments where my mind wandered towards ideas of finishing the cleanse days early and what food I would be eating when I do. 🙂 On each occasion I was able to straighten out the issue by having some more fresh lemon, maple syrup and water mix which evened out my mood and toughened my resolve.

I also pushed myself to go for a walk at lunch which didn’t help me much because that involved walking in the strong sunshine with my heavy work shoes on, burning too much of the energy I had in scarce supply.

Today I’ve got a better plan. I’m driving to work, and will drive out to the pool at lunch time to lay in the sun and take a few refreshing dips to stay cool.

Day Three 2017, 5:42

Feeling rather sleepy this morning because this is earlier than my usual weekday wake up timing. My alarm was set for 5.30am to make sure my SWF was complete before I leave home for work at 7.30am. I have a little light muscle ache today as yesterday I had some light exercise.

Yesterday woke up feeling great, and for the most part that continued all day thankfully. In the morning I went for a slow cycle around the neighborhood for around 45 minutes.

Around midday I went to a roof top swimming pool for a quick dip, and spent most of the time lounging in the sunshine by the pool.

I experienced some cravings (prompted by photos of food) around 3pm, went home made some fresh lemonade and took a nap for around an hour.

In the evening I went into Shibuya and watched Beauty & the Beast at the cinema, came home and went to bed around 10.30pm.

Day Two 2017, 7.34

Day one passed without incident, virtually no discomfort or cravings.  I keep myself close to a fresh supply of master cleanse lemonade and cayenne pepper. In previous years I’ve found the first 3-4 days the toughest at times only because I’ve not been careful to avoid being around food. This year I’m being extra careful these first few days to avoid being any where near people eating, especially walking near foods I usually like.

Last night, slept exceptionally well and woke up feeling great. Love this mid-cleanse sleeping, it is so refreshing.

Yesterday afternoon, only half a day into the cleanse I started to notice a heightened of my own skin, especially when the sun made me sweat, or there was a breeze. Already also my sense of smell is shouting for my attention again.

I drove us to an onsen yesterday (miyamaedaira Yukemuronosato) and for the first time in my life actually had a nice long nap in one of the neruba (sleeping baths) outside in the shade.

Day One 2017, 6:58

Day One, Saturday 20 May 2017

Weight 76.1 kg

Body fat 21.4 %

Sub-cutaneous fat 14.5 %

Skeletal muscle 34.3 %

I’m feeling great, and ready to go!

The timing is right for this year’s master cleanse. I’ve had to reschedule it twice due to scheduling issues with work commitments (lunches with clients and colleagues), but for this block of ten days I’ve diligently cleared my eating appointments.

I’m feeling excited to have this time to meditate again and gather some peace.

I’ve just begun my first SWF (salt water flush) of this year’s cleanse (and my first SWF since about 6 months prior).

On 2016, on 24 July my numbers were as below…

Weight 75.8kg

Body fat 21.0%

Subcutaneous fat 14.2%

Skeletal muscle 34.5%

…and had been bouncing between 73~76kgs in the weeks leading up to my 2016 master cleanse.

Day Ten 2016, 5:45


Day Ten

Well that was fun! At the end of the master cleanse it’s important to plan a gentle transition back to eating again to ensure that your digestive system isn’t shocked with heavy food.

Last yesterday evening I prepared a vegetable soup for today, to begin my transition off the cleanse and back to eating again safely – but couldn’t resist a bowl! So my transition back has already started 🙂

Today I will finish the soup and eat some soft fruit also. I’m craving some tomatoes. Tomorrow I’m really looking forward to a home lunch I have planned with a few friends to celebrate the end of the cleanse.

In terms of numbers I’ve gone from 75.8kg to 71.3kg today, and 21.6% body fat to 19.5%. I’ve been sleeping really well and generally experienced a more consistent temperament and concentration.

Coming out of the cleanse, I’ll be continuing as a vegetarian, as I did last year, won’t be resuming drinking coffee, and will be drinking (moderately is the aim).

Thanks everyone for your support throughout!


Day Eight 2016, 5:33

Day Eight

In the home stretch now. The last 3 days have been very easy and smooth. I barely noticed I was doing the cleanse at all. Today I have a very busy day ahead including dinner with an old friend (sitting next to him in my favorite Italian restaurant) so we will see how that goes! I can anticipate that will be a little uncomfortable for me but potentially my resolve will be stronger than it was on Saturday night.