Good morning all.

While I’m mid-SWF this morning I have a little solo time to contemplate / update things. I’ve just updated (a small revision really) my blog’s intro text as below:

Since completing a ten day “master cleanse” on 25 July 2015, I took a new approach to my diet, and lifestyle.

My aims were ambitious – to experience a set of broad positive changes in my life. I’ve been seeking to achieve changes to my body, greater peace of mind, stress reduction, improved concentration and sleep, quality friendships, professional success, and improved self-esteem – through changes to my diet, relationships, and a more active lifestyle.

It’s now 246 days since I completed my cleanse and I’ve slipped into a few old habits for 100+ days (specifically consuming sugary foods, alcohol and dairy products). Currently I’m contemplating how best to re-boot my health campaign in ways which are practical, somewhat moderate, but also effective.

—-updated Thursday 31 March 2016


I had a cigarette yesterday (Saturday), and one the day before also (Friday).

My achilles heel with smokes is very predictable. It is often one of these situations:

  • (a) I’m with someone I like very much, but for one reason or another I don’t get to see much (and smoking together is a great way to say “hey I miss you, love you, we are the same kind of people”)
  • (b) I’m with someone who is totally new in my life… and I’ve not yet subconsciously put the fact that they smoke in a little box of judgement in my mind entitled “something about this wonderful person I wish they didn’t do”

Friday’s smoke was situation (a) and tasted gross.

Saturday’s smoke was situation (b), and it tasted amazing and great.

I have to watch out today and not make this a 3 day thing. Big time 🙂