Day Nine 2017, 8:37

Hi everyone!

I’m all done for this year ūüôā

I made it to day eight at 14:00. My body was telling me “enough already”. Last night I broke my fast with a delicious veggie soup with my friends in Bandai. It was the perfect way and place to finish this year’s cleanse.

Thanks again for all your supportive words of encouragement.


Day Five 2016, 9:45

Surprising even myself, I’ve managed to make it through to day 5. I slept very well – today was the first day of the cleanse that I both went to bed when I wanted and woke up without any restrictions. I feel fully charged.

Yesterday was wonderful. It was very much temptation free, however the only testing part of the day was when I visited my friend David and Charles’s home for a hanabi party and Charles has prepared some of the most delicious and nutritious vegetarian food I’ve seen in months.

Today I think I might go back to the outdoor pool in Meguro for a sound session of sun exposure. This time I’ll take a book.

One friend of mine encouraged me, writing – “Well done so far! This is when you really start to feel good, as your body begins to run on it’s own energy, unimpeded by chemicals, salt, caffeine, etc. Keep going!!”.

Day One 2016, 5:10

Well here we go. Today’s the the day I start the cleanse again.
I had some trouble sleeping last night.
I went to bed around 10.30pm anticipating I’d need to get up around 5am to begin the SWF… but I was woken accidentally by an old alarm clock at 1am (seriously) and later by my brain overthinking at 3am.
It’s now 4.39am and I’ve given up sleeping and accepted it’s time to start the day and my first official SWF of day one!
While I lay here coming out of sleep my mind has already jumped ahead to 3-4pm this afternoon when I know I may be struggling the most to control my energy and mood, and hoping today goes well. Still, I’m excited to listen to my body today and confident I can make it through day one.




Just arrived a Chaya Macrobiotics. So excited!!!

I told the waitress I am vegan and she replied “me too” – my first such experience in Japan.

Options 1&2 from both hors d’oeuvres and main dishes are vegan!



***Weight 71.9kg; 18.5% body fat; 12.5% subcutaneous fat; 35.6% skeletal muscle***
Today marks another low in my general weight/fat levels since 16/July.

Post–Post-Cleanse, what’s next?


I’m now confidently¬†within my comfort zone with regards to my¬†weight, and want to¬†make my main¬†focus for the coming few weeks muscle growth – through training with free weights and resistance machines¬†at the gym.


I intend to continue my¬†vegan diet but will be eating “mostly vegan” potentially including a meat or fish meal every¬†week or two.

I will also try to include an evening with light alcohol every couple of weeks, starting with tomorrow evening Рan evening of live jazz with a small group of colleagues.


Post-Cleanse Reflections (2)

I didn’t get around to writing more of my thoughts down yesterday.

The Ease / Difficulty of my own Master Cleanse & Post-Cleanse 30 days

This whole process (cleanse and post-cleanse) has been much easier than I would have guessed before 16/July.

Although the master cleanse itself is somewhat severe as regime it comes with some distinct (and wonderful) second benefits in addition to the primary benefits of any immediate health benefits or weight loss. These include:

  • The master cleanse is an easy to explain pre-existing package or brand which one can point to when explaining your temporary¬†regime (it’s also been around a long time, I used to mention “more than 60 years)
  • It’s finite – although it’s often regarded as extreme it is usually limited to a 10 day period, making your health-reboot less alienating than longer term
  • It provides a very clear sense of “reset” within the person carrying out the cleanse
    • During the cleanse itself the extra time that is freed up by not constantly having to make choices about what to eat or drink allows one to evaluate many aspects of life – there is more time for research or reflection
    • The end of the cleanse is also a wonderful opportunity to ease yourself into a new lifestyle, one of your own designing

Post-cleanse I’ve been living as a vegan who eats eggs and avoids alcohol – this has also been pretty simple despite my hectic Tokyo work and personal life:

  • When eating out, I’ve been able to find easy solutions – sometimes calling ahead to restaurants, other times influencing the choice of restaurant, but many¬†times I just politely request a vegan version of something on the menu be prepared for me
  • Avoiding drinking has not been so hard either – I found that the initial act of sharing my¬†new¬†preference is the toughest part, but once friends or colleagues have understood¬†what I’m¬†trying to do (there are a lot of questions) they simply stop pushing

I’ve found questions from friends and colleagues initially come thick and fast – and I will happily answer as many as possible until¬†one of my answers seems to connect with the person I’m talking with.

I’ve found some people initially lose all identity with me¬†– until you say the magic words which allow you to reconnect. In some cases those magic words have been…

  • “it’s just temporary until I reach by weight loss goal”
    [which is no longer true as I’ve basically achieved this]
  • “I’m doing this to reset my health”
  • “I’m doing this to train for…¬†[a marathon]”
  • “I’m just taking a break for a while as I noticed…
    • …I was drinking too much before
    • …I had to pee to often in the night”
    • …I had gained a lot of weight this year”

…basically most people can empathise with at least one of the above. I¬†often¬†try each one out for size with friends who I’ve not seen in the past 6-7 weeks and who need some kind of explanation of the changes.

Although I can say that overall it has been easy, reactions have been very mixed and sometimes negative.

Lovely people I have considered great friends have¬†occasionally been very sceptical, cold, negative, judgemental, insensitive or resistant to reasoned discussion. In some cases¬†I’ve observed a¬†belligerent belief that it’s ok to push someone around about what they put into their own body.

A few (not so many) friends and colleagues have been overwhelmingly encouraging with regular comments of support or enquiries about how things are going.


Post-Cleanse Reflections (1)

Today is my last posting during my “Post-Cleanse” period (days 1~30).

It is 41 days since I began the master cleanse on 16/July.

A summary of the past 41 days:

  • Master Cleanse (16/July~25/July)
    • Diet: water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper
  • 1¬†transition day
  • 30 days Post-Cleanse (27/July~25/August)
    • Diet: vegan + eggs
    • Exercise: cardio or resistance training up to 5 times a week

I will try to post some reflections on the last 41 days this morning and later today.

Weight / Body Fat / Muscle

Key changes:

  • Weight
    • 16/July = 79kg
    • 25/August = 72.1kg
  • Body fat
    • 8/August =¬†22.1%
    • 25/August =¬†19.2%
  • Subcutaneous Fat
    • 8/August =¬†14.8%
    • 25/August = 12.9%
  • Skeletal Muscle
    • 8/August =¬†34.2%
    • 25/August = 35.4%

6:21 25/August 2015
***Weight 72.1kg; 19.2% body fat; 12.9% subcutaneous fat; 35.4% skeletal muscle***
Today marks my lowest weight since 16/July. The chart below covers my weight lose during the past 41 days. >>>


The charts below record both my fat loss and my muscle gain during the period 6/Aug~25/Aug (since I bought my new scales which measure these things) >>>