Lemonade Recipe

To make 1 litre of lemonade squeeze the juice from 2 whole fresh lemons or limes, and add 4 tablespoons of rich organic maple syrup (the darker the better) then mix with pure water.

You can either drink this with 1/2 teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper, or you can drink separately.

Personally I prefer to drink the cayenne pepper separately, prior to drinking a cup of the lemonade, as a little pepper shot – either mixed with a little water or a little lemonade. When it is drank like this the taste is quickly replaced if your mouth if you follow up with a cup of normal non-peppery lemonade.

Drink a minimum of 6 to 12 glasses throughout the day whenever you are hungry.

Please note:
  • it is important to make your lemonade as fresh as possible, as the enzymes in the juice are important for the cleanse to work properly
  • if you have access to organic products, treat yourself to these
  • make the lemonade yourself to be confident about all the quality of all the ingredients
  • try to use either purified water if possible; alternatively mineral water or just plain tap water

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