Day Eight 2016, 5:33

Day Eight

In the home stretch now. The last 3 days have been very easy and smooth. I barely noticed I was doing the cleanse at all. Today I have a very busy day ahead including dinner with an old friend (sitting next to him in my favorite Italian restaurant) so we will see how that goes! I can anticipate that will be a little uncomfortable for me but potentially my resolve will be stronger than it was on Saturday night.


Day Seven 2016, 5:52

Day Seven

Yesterday was another day of very smooth sailing. I actually didn’t need as much lemonade also because I didn’t need a remedy for tiredness or lack of concentration etc.

Terrible weather so far today. The sky is dumping rain down so hard outside. It was my first experience of very heavy rain in my new house and I was surprised by how loud it is in many rooms, especially as I came up from the basement, where I’m sleeping, to the ground floor – immediately outside is the garage and that’s where all the rain is draining. Super loud.

I had planned to take a longer than usual lunch today to visit the pool…. I guess I’ll have to rethink that one!

4 full days of the cleanse left ahead of me. It doesn’t seem so bad now. I slept incredibly well last night after watching Ghostbusters II from 1989, and woke up naturally before my alarm at 4.50am roughly. I could get used to this (a life without alcohol and coffee is pretty sweet).

Watching season 5 of Veep while I endure another morning of SWF. I heard a radio interview with the new show runner for Veep on Fresh Air last night. I hadn’t realized another season had come and gone – so happy days of catching up ahead.


Day Six 2016, 5:35

Day Six
Good morning everyone. Yesterday was the best day of the cleanse so far. I’ve learned that this year my challenge isn’t around withdrawal headaches but rather the mental game. Last year I had very high motivation because I had a lot to gain from the cleanse – this year I’ve started from a healthier base and so when I’m around delicious healthy food my motivation wanes. Until I’m finished on Friday evening, I’m going to be careful not to surround myself with food.

Quick recap of day five. It was the perfect Sunday – I pottered around my house, did my UK taxes, watched TV. In the afternoon I cycled to the local outdoor pool to meet a friend and spend nearly 3 hours in the sun reading and talking with my friend. In the evening I had a FaceTime with family and watched the original Ghostbusters movie from 1984 (…well most of it before I feel asleep).


Day Five 2016, 9:45

Surprising even myself, I’ve managed to make it through to day 5. I slept very well – today was the first day of the cleanse that I both went to bed when I wanted and woke up without any restrictions. I feel fully charged.

Yesterday was wonderful. It was very much temptation free, however the only testing part of the day was when I visited my friend David and Charles’s home for a hanabi party and Charles has prepared some of the most delicious and nutritious vegetarian food I’ve seen in months.

Today I think I might go back to the outdoor pool in Meguro for a sound session of sun exposure. This time I’ll take a book.

One friend of mine encouraged me, writing – “Well done so far! This is when you really start to feel good, as your body begins to run on it’s own energy, unimpeded by chemicals, salt, caffeine, etc. Keep going!!”.

Day Four 2016, 9:00

It’s day four and the sunshine has fully arrived – both outside and in. I’m feeling fantastic! I made it through what Laura rightly described as the Wall of Day Three with very little trouble.
I clearly remember from last year that days 4~10 were significantly easier than days 1~3.

Learning some lessons from yesterday, I won’t be be cycling to and from the office again. I don’t think it was a major mistake but it did tire me more than I had planned. It mean’t that I had wanted to sleep at 10pm which didn’t match well with my plans for karaoke with friends until midnight. 🙂

I slept from 1 ~ 8am and I’m now waiting for my 4th day of daily SWF to kick in. I’ve no heavy plans for today and am really looking forward to some sunshine and time with old friends. This evening I’m going to David and Charles’s hanabi party with Aiko and Martin, and later this morning I’m meeting Matt Wilson to hang out.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening!

Day 4 am

Day Three 2016, 5:44

Recap of experience yesterday – basically smooth sailing – I felt so good that I actually forgot many times that I was doing the cleanse – but as a result I was caught by some odd and amusingly cravings for food I don’t even eat usually. Twice I had hamburgers cross my mind out of the blue… All of these cravings were easily dealt with by reaching for some lemonade with a shot of cayenne pepper.

Lemonade as the Remedy

During the cleanse whenever my body or mind any of the following I reach for the master cleanse lemonade and it sorts it out. 1 ltr of the master cleanse lemonade is the juice of2 freshly squeezed lemons / limes with 4 tablespoons of maple syrup with water. Where ever my body sends me any of these signals… “you might be hungry” or “this is when you’d usually have a coffee” or “it’s lunch time so where’s the lunch” or “without that coffee / glass of wine I’ll send you this headache instead” …I reach for some lemonade and a shot of cayenne pepper and that usually sorts it out.

Yesterday I could feel clearly that *freshly* squeezed lemon juice in my lemonade was *far* more effective than when I took a swig from lemonade that had sat still for a few hours in terms of it’s effectiveness at staving off hunger or dealing with what ever else your body is throwing at you at the moment.

Last Night

I slept like a *baby* from 10.30pm and could have slept even longer. Feeling great this morning. Stunning clear skies outside.

Bring it on day three! I think I might be over the worst of it.

This Morning

Weight 73.4kg

Body fat 21.7%

Subcutaneous fat 14.5%

Skeletal muscle 34.3%

Day Two 2016, 5:14

Day Two has started well. I was a little reluctant to get up this morning with my new 5am alarm, but that’s just what’s required in order to get the Salt Water Flush completed in enough time before work. It’s already 36 hours since I last ate solid food and it’s a beautiful almost clear-skied day outside.
My weight today is 74.1kg, which is down from 75.8kg a couple of days ago. This will be the largest single individual day on day drop in weight due simply to the loss of food from my body rather than any physiological changes.

Yesterday in the morning while I was at work I definitely had the frequent feeling of shifting gears or moving between two worlds – one where people eat and get coffee in response to their bodies and their habits, and another world where they don’t – they simply drink lemonade (with occasional shots mixed with cayenne pepper) and lots of water.

At lunch time I left the office for a walk and went to a shrine and a playground nearby. I sat on a park bench in the sun for maybe 20 minutes, with my eyes closed, listening distractedly to a podcast. I think I went into a state of trance or meditation, not sleep by any means, but a very pleasant state of distraction where my conscious mind was almost turned off by concentrating on my body, the sounds around me, the sensation of the air on my skin as it perspired a little, my breathing also.

When I opened my eyes and headed back to work I felt that something that changed a little, maybe I had accepted the new rules. All afternoon I felt more energetic and focused, and that I’d embraced the new world of the cleanse I was starting. I had left behind me the occasional conflict I’d felt in the morning.

This Morning

Weight 74.1kg

Body fat 21.6%

Subcutaneous fat 14.5%

Skeletal muscle 34.3%

Day One 2016, 5:10

Well here we go. Today’s the the day I start the cleanse again.
I had some trouble sleeping last night.
I went to bed around 10.30pm anticipating I’d need to get up around 5am to begin the SWF… but I was woken accidentally by an old alarm clock at 1am (seriously) and later by my brain overthinking at 3am.
It’s now 4.39am and I’ve given up sleeping and accepted it’s time to start the day and my first official SWF of day one!
While I lay here coming out of sleep my mind has already jumped ahead to 3-4pm this afternoon when I know I may be struggling the most to control my energy and mood, and hoping today goes well. Still, I’m excited to listen to my body today and confident I can make it through day one.